Murad is an Armenian-American singer, songwriter, and model born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri. After completing a Bachelor's Degree in Audio Engineering Design and Production at Columbia College Chicago, she became fully invested in her work as an artist.


“It’s an intriguing piece of work. The sound creates an atmosphere. Murad captivates listeners with outstanding vocals, lush melodies, tranquil beats, and solid hooks.”

“Murad creates her own lane. She has so much talent. Laser Love deserves to be heard.”

"Murad’s ‘Laser Love’ is a soulful release of thought-provoking lyrism and intense instrumentation."

“Murad uses a range of samples to create a reflective atmosphere, as she wonders - if you only could listen to my heart. The bridge contains disjointed vocals samples, as well as an electric guitar that nods to The Kills’ ‘Doing It To Death’.”

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Coming soon